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IST-STOLAS multi-channel regenerator

Research Area: III-V Semiconductor Photonic ICs

Main Researcher: Wouter D'Oosterlinck

Design and fabrication of an array of Michelson interferometer regenerators.
After hybrid integration with a PLC it will be used as a multi-channel 2R-regenerator.


        International Conferences

      1. Ton Koonen, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, J.J. Vegas Olmos, Christophe Peucheret, Jean Jennen, Evi Zouganeli, Erik Van Breusegem, Geert Morthier, Jos van der Tol, Tommy Mullane, Kristian Blidgen, Peter Raaby, Optical Label Switched Networks - the FP5-IST STOLAS project, 10th European conference on Networks and Optical Communication (NOC), United Kingdom, (2005)  Download this Publication (228KB).
      2. S. Verspurten, J. De Merlier, G. Morthier, R. Baets, Experimental demonstration of aal-optical 2R regeneration at 10 Gb/s in a MZI-configuration with a singel SOA, IEEE/LEOS BENELUX Chapter - 2003 Annual Symposium, Netherlands, p.43-46 (2003)  Download this Publication (469KB).

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