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All-optical signal processing based on interferometric structures with laser cavity

Research Area: III-V Semiconductor Photonic ICs

Main Researcher: Wouter D'Oosterlinck

Optical regeneration is a key factor in the ever faster telecom networks. The goal of this reserach topic is the development of a very fast 2R-regenerator based on the low carrier lifetime in the presence of high optical power. The high optical power considered is that of a laser signal that is created in an interferometric cavity. This interferometric cavity will also be used as a plain interferometer for injected signals whilst maintaining the laser signal. Due to the presence of the laser signal and the following low carrier lifetime a fast response to injected signals could be possible. Constructive interference for the '1' level and destructive intereference for the '0' level is desired to obtain 2R-regeneration.

PhD thesises


        International Conferences

      1. S. Verspurten, J. De Merlier, G. Morthier, R. Baets, Experimental demonstration of aal-optical 2R regeneration at 10 Gb/s in a MZI-configuration with a singel SOA, IEEE/LEOS BENELUX Chapter - 2003 Annual Symposium, Netherlands, p.43-46 (2003)  Download this Publication (469KB).

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