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Nonlinear functionalities in ring resonators

Main Researcher: Gino Priem

Using SOI ring resonators, different nonlinear contributions to the refractive index and absorption are investigated. It was found that thermal effects are dominant, but also a large contribution due to free carriers is present. Using a 4 um radius ring, thermal bistability was obtained with input powers below 0.3mW.

For the first time, we also demonstrated unstable behaviour, which forms an important limitation for thermal all-optical switching, but also has potential for pulse generation.

In addition, free-carrier based all-optical switching was
demonstrated with a pump power of only 0.66 mW. At larger pump
powers, we again observed unstable behaviour, which limits the obtainable modulation depth. Despite these considerations, applications along the lines of packet-based all-optical
routing are possible.

Other people involved:


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