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120 High-Efficiency Semiconductor Resonant-Cavity Light-Emitting Diodes: A Review,
D. Delbeke, R. Bockstaele, P. Bienstman, R. Baets, H. Benisty,
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 8(2), p.189-206 doi:10.1109/2944.999172 (2002)
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79 Glucose sensing by waveguide-based absorption spectroscopy on a silicon chip,
E.M.P. Ryckeboer, R. Bockstaele, M. Vanslembrouck, R. Baets,
Biomedical optics express, 5(5), p.1636–1648 doi:10.1364/boe.5.001636 (2014)
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49 Rigorous electromagnetic analysis of dipole emission in periodically corrugated layers: the grating-assisted resonant-cavity light-emitting diode,
D. Delbeke, P. Bienstman, R. Bockstaele, R. Baets,
Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A), 19(5), p.871-880 doi:10.1364/josaa.19.000871 (2002)
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30 Resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes: a review,
R. Baets, D. Delbeke, R. Bockstaele, P. Bienstman,
Proceedings of SPIE (invited), 4996, United States, p.74-86 doi:10.1117/12.476588 (2003)
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24 Realization and characterization of 8 x 8 resonant cavity LED arrays mounted onto CMOS drivers for POF-based interchip interconnections,
R. Bockstaele, T. Coosemans, C. Sys, L. Vanwassenhove, A. Van Hove, B. Dhoedt, I. Moerman, P. Van Daele, R. Baets, R. Annen, H. Melchior, J. Hall, P.L. Heremans, M. Brunfaut, J. Van Campenhout,
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 5(2), p.224-235 doi:10.1109/2944.778294 (1999)
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