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Journal Publications  of Jan Willems

Most cited publications of Jan Willems

81 Results of benchmark tests for different numerical BPM algorithms,
H.P. Nolting, R. Marz, A.D. Capobianco, C. De Angelis, J. Ctyroky, G.R. Hadley, J. Haes, J. Willems, R. Baets,
SPIE Linear and Nonlinear Integrated Optics, 2212, German Federal Republic, p.275-295 doi:10.1109/50.365209 (1994)
33 The bidirectional mode expansion method for two-dimensional waveguides: the TM case,
J. Willems, J. Haes, R. Baets,
Optical and Quantum Electronics, 27, p.995-1007 doi:10.1007/bf00558491 (1995)
10 Spot size expansion for laser-to-fiber coupling using an integrated multimode coupler,
J. Buus, W.J. Stewart, J. Haes, J. Willems, R. Baets,
IEEE, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 11(4), p.582-588 doi:10.1109/50.248121 (1993)
9 Filter characteristics of DBR amplifier with index and gain coupling,
J. Willems, K. David, G. Morthier, R. Baets,
Electronics Letters, 27(10), p.831-833 doi:10.1049/el:19910521 (1991)
3 Investigation of a novel Bragg reflector : partly gain-coupled DBR filter,
J. Willems, K. David, G. Morthier, R. Baets,
IEE Proceedings, 139(1), doi:10.1049/ip-j.1992.0010 (1992)
3 Eigenmode propagation analysis of radiation losses in waveguides with discontinuities and grating assisted couplers,
J. Willems, J. Haes, R. Baets,
Integrated Photonics Research, 10, United States, p.229-232 doi:10.1364/ipr.1993.ituc3 (1993)

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