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Authors: R. Baets, A. Rahim
Title: Heterogeneous integration in silicon photonics: opportunities and challenges: opinion
Format: International Journal
Publication date: 11/2023
Journal/Conference/Book: Optica
Editor/Publisher: Optica, 
Volume(Issue): 13(12) p.3439-3444
Location: United States
DOI: 10.1364/OME.509531
Citations: 1 ( - last update: 14/4/2024)
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The application span of silicon photonics is rapidly evolving from high speed transceivers for data- and telecommunication to a broad range of functionalities for many different markets, especially in the sensing and computing space. As a result, the demand for new building blocks and enhanced performance is accelerating and diversifying. Heterogeneous integration of new materials, chips and thin-film chiplets is becoming of key importance in this context. But the implementation of industrial supply chains for this diverse need will be challenging and may require a new supply chain model with dedicated standardization and test methods at the interface between the actors involved. This opinion article discusses opportunities and challenges associated with heterogeneous integration in silicon photonics, in particular with respect to future market growth and the design of process flows for heterogeneous integration.

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