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Authors: I. Zand, W. Bogaerts
Title: Discretization Effects of Digital Control of Thermally Tunable 2x2 MZI Couplers
Format: International Conference Poster
Publication date: 7/2019
Journal/Conference/Book: IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals
Editor/Publisher: IEEE, 
Volume(Issue): p.paper TuE2.2 (2 pages)
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL, United States
DOI: 10.1109/PHOSST.2019.8794890
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Download: Download this Publication (398KB) (398KB)


We describe how digital voltage driving of tunable 2x2 Mach-Zehnder couplers with thermo-optic phase shifters introduces discretization errors which significantly affect programmable photonic circuits. Performing quantitative analysis, we show that proper biasing of couplers and simultaneous driving of arms can improve discretization errors.

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