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Authors: I. Zand, B. Abasahl, W. Bogaerts
Title: Intensity Spread Analysis of Programmable Photonic Circuits with Parasitics
Format: International Conference Presentation
Publication date: 7/2019
Journal/Conference/Book: IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals
Editor/Publisher: IEEE, 
Volume(Issue): p.paper TuE2.2
Location: Ford Lauderdale, United States
DOI: 10.1109/PHOSST.2019.8794953
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Small stochastic imperfections in the phase and
coupling (< 1%) of tunable components in programmable photonics circuits introduce unwanted interferences deteriorating their frequency response. Performing Monte-Carlo simulations, we investigate such imperfections for different routings of light through a 7-cells hexagonal mesh with different biasing schemes.

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