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Authors: B. Tian, M. Paladugu, Z. Wang, P. Marianna, D. Van Thourhout
Title: Photoluminescence characterization of III-V materials epitaxially grown on silicon
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 11/2012
Journal/Conference/Book: Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Society Belenux Chapter
Volume(Issue): p.247-250
Location: Mons, Belgium
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Silicon photonics is widely adopted as a competitive candidate to meet the increasing interconnects demands of lCs. However, the key component - an efficient laser, is still missing due to its bandgap. The photonics group of Gent University is nowadays working with lMEC in developing an epitaxial method to integrate III-Vs on
silicon. To characterize the IIIV/Si material quality, a rnicro-PL setup, which has wide
range of pump intensity, is utilized. Measurement results how that different defects (threading dislocations, anti-phase boundaries) do influence the optical property of the material, and the overall material quality shows the potential for device demonstration.

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