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Mr. Hans Desmet  (Doctoral Researcher)

This person worked in the group from 2003 till 2007.

Affiliation: Alcatel
Address: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41
9000 Gent
Office: Office 1.52
Phone: +32-9-264 3447
Research Area: Liquid Crystal applications for nanophotonics
Master Thesis: Hans Desmet, Studie van nanofotonische ICs met een vloeibaar-kristal toplaag voor schakel- en afstemfuncties, 6/2003
Hans Desmet graduated from Ghent University in 2003, and did his Masters thesis in the photonics group on the subject of Liquid Crystal claddings for SOI nanophotonics. His current research includes the interaction of nanopatterns and liquid crystal for the use in photonic applications.
Hans is also member of the Liquid Crystal & Photonics group.

Specific Research Topics

Publications (11)

    International Journals

  1. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Modeling nematic liquid crystals in the neighborhood of edges, Journal of Applied Physics, 98(12), p.123517 doi:10.1063/1.2143122 (2005).
  2. C. Desimpel, J. Beeckman, H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. James, F.A. Fernandez, A four-electrode liquid crystal device for 2pi in-plane director rotation, Journal of physics. D, applied physics, 38(21), United Kingdom, p.3976-3984 doi:10.1088/0022-3727/38/21/023 (2005)  Download this Publication (7.6MB).
      International Conferences

    1. W.A.D. De Cort, H. Desmet, S. Scheerlinck, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Design and realization of an Optical Switch based on Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Liquid Crystal , 35. Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle (2007, Bayreuth), Germany, (2007)  Download this Publication (104KB).
    2. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, Focused ion beam technology for aligning and switching liquid crystals, 21st International Liquid Crystal Conference, United States, p.704 (2006)  Download this Publication (57KB).
    3. K. Neyts, J. Da Sylva, H. Desmet, H. Azarinia, I. Bartolozzi, E. Schacht, Study of liquid crystal in contact with aqueous solutions for detection of biomolecules, 21st International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCS 2006), United States, p.428 (2006)  Download this Publication (1.5MB).
    4. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Liquid crystal orientation on patterns etched in silicon-on-insulator, Integrated Optics, Silicon Photonics, and Photonic Integrated Circuits, 6183, France, p.61831Z doi:10.1117/12.668350 (2006)  Download this Publication (651KB).
    5. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Liquid crystal orientation on patterns etched in silicon-on-insulator, Proceedings Symposium IEEE/LEOS Benelux Chapter, Belgium, p.293-296 (2005).
    6. C. Desimpel, F. Beunis, H. Desmet, K. Neyts, Experiments on azimuthal degenerated anchoring surfaces, Programme & Abstracts of the 16th Conference on Liquid Crystals (Chemistry, Physics & Applications), Poland, p.69 (2005)  Download this Publication (4MB).
    7. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Influence of etched silicon patterns on the liquid crystal orientation, Programme & Abstracts of the 16th Conference on Liquid Crystals (Chemistry, Physics & Applications), Poland, p.30 (2005)  Download this Publication (38KB).
    8. H. Desmet, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Nematic Liquid Crystal Behaviour in the Neighbourhood of Edges, 20th International Liquid Crystal Conference, Slovenia, p.783 (2004).
    9. H. Desmet, W. Bogaerts, A. Adamski, J. Beeckman, K. Neyts, R. Baets, Silicon-on-insulator optical waveguides with liquid crystal cladding for switching and tuning, ECOC 2003, 3, Italy, p.430-431 (2003)  Download this Publication (149KB).
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